math block

Depending on how much time you have for guided math, find ideas on how to schedule your daily math block to include key components for success.

Ever wonder what your daily math block should look like?

A well designed math block incorporates whole group and small group instruction. It also provides time for teaching new skills, practicing for mastery and reviewing previously taught skills.

However, there are two things I want you to keep in mind. The ideal and the real. And I’m going to share both.

First, let me share what an ideal elementary math block looks like. When I say ideal, I’m talking about a math block that is 75 minutes or longer.

Warm Up Activity For Books

Purpose: (1) Review math skills or (2) Introduce a new topic

Any good lesson starts out with an engaging opening. Math is no exception.

This section of your math block should be fast paced. This is either the time for a quick review or a way to interest your kids in a brand new topic. Remember, you want to spend the bulk of your time in centers so that you can work with your teacher led small group.

Here are some examples of things you can do during your warm up:

• Number Talks
• Calendar Activities
• Problem of the Day
• Number of the Day
• Kinesthetic Math Activities
• Number Sense Routines

Whole Class Mini-Lesson

This is the part of your daily math block when you are teaching a mini-lesson. You’re teaching and modeling new concepts by using think-alouds and clear visual models.

It’s also the time to do guided practice. Set aside a short amount time for students to actually practice what you’re modeling. This can look many different ways: interactive large group activities, partner work, etc.

Be strategic. Stay focused on the topic. Otherwise you may find yourself going down a rabbit hole and then not having enough time for math centers.

Here are some examples of things you can do during your whole group mini-lesson:

• Math Read-Aloud
• Hands-On Activities with Manipulatives
• Partner Work
• Group Activities

Teacher Tip – Since this is a “mini-lesson” after you explicitly model you may not get to guided practice on the same day. That’s OK! You can do guided practice the next day. The important part is to make sure you are modeling AND then providing support.

Math Centers and Teacher Led Small Group

Purpose: (1) Differentiate instruction for all learners and (2) provide ongoing practice and review of previously taught skills

There are 2 different things going on during this portion of your math block.

Math Centers – Students practice and review math skills in small groups or pairs, without teacher support (You’ll be at working with your small group).

Examples of math centers can include:

• Math Games
• Journals
• Task Cards
• Fluency Activities
• Problem Solving Tasks
• Math Sorts

Teacher Lead Small Group – This is my favorite part of the block! While the rest of your class is working in centers, you’re targeting instruction with a small group of your students in order to meet their needs.

It’s that magic time of the math block because you get to see and correct misconceptions up close. This is where you get to move your students.

You’re finished with your last teacher led small group and the rest of your students are cleaning up their stations.

Now, what?

It’s time for your kids to show what they know. Let’s move to the last part of an ideal daily math block. Time to assess.

Student Reflection

Purpose: (1) See what your kids know and (2) Inform instruction

This is the time to do a quick check of the day’s learning. It’s not a formal test.

What about if you only have 45 minutes?

This definitely isn’t ideal. But let’s keep it real, I know that some of you only have 45 minutes. The first thing, I strongly suggest that you advocate for more time for math.

With that out the way let’s get real creative.

In this scenario, I suggest keeping both the warm up and the reflection time 5 minutes each. This will leave you with 35 minutes each day for alternating teaching a whole group lesson OR doing math centers. See example below:

Monday: Warm Up (5 min.) – Whole Group (35 min.) – Reflection (5 min.)
Tuesday: Warm Up (5 min.) – Math Centers (35 min./2 groups) – Reflection (5 min.)

Then continue the pattern for the other days of the week.

Education Without Leaving Home : Online Learning

online learning

There is no single definition of online learning. It includes learning with the assistance of the Internet and a personal computer. The term e-learning, or electronic learning, often is used interchangeably with online learning.
Implement a powerful Learning platform to improve your child’s bottom line.

E-learning courses are still mostly visual. And one part of engaging you learners is to create visually rich experiences. This doesn’t replace instructional design, but it does help make your course look more interesting and contributes to capture the person’s attention.

Advantages of Online Learning

1. You can learn whatever you want: The great variety of online programs and courses is a huge advantage of this type of education. It doesn’t matter where you live and what you want to study – you can always find a suitable course or even a degree program that you can follow from home.
2. Comfort: Comfort is a strong advantage, but it can go both ways. You mustn’t allow yourself to get too comfortable when studying from home, so it would be best to abandon the couch for few hours a day and set up an inspirational studying environment in your home. All you need is a large desk and a nice, comfortable chair.
3. Online exams helps you to get great marks: It doesn’t matter where your career stands at this moment; an online program will always look good on your resume
4. Self-paced learning: When you start browsing through interesting online courses and programs, you’ll notice the Self-Paced label on most of them. What does this mean? Self-paced learning means that the students can start completing the targets at any time, and he can arrange a learning schedule that meets his individual needs.
5. Lower Costs: The fact that online programs are cheaper when compared to the ones held in a traditional campus setting is enough to convince you to consider them. The average tuition for online courses depends on multiple factors, so it varies from one program to another.

Online Education Is Totally Worth The Effort

The best thing about online learning is that you can learn in a relaxed manner even if you don’t want to get certified. You only need passion for learning and a quick online search that will take you to the right course. From that point on, you will be the master of your own education.

5 Benefits Of Using Paatham LMS Mobile Learning App For Your Training Program.

Learning Management System

With Paatham LMS mobile Learning App you can offer to your students an eternal e-learning expertise. Your students will take their learning material anyplace whereas traveling, moving from one place to another during work hours or just take their e-learning content from their smartphone or mobile device without the need of an Internet connection.

Paatham LMS Mobile Learning App is optimized for all the devices you’re using. With Paatham LMS app, your users will have all their content in just a few clicks


1.Paatham LMS mobile learning app are often bespoke in keeping your coaching requirements:

The Paatham LMS mobile application is meant to satisfy your coaching desires which will embody compliance coaching, social skills development, product coaching, leadership coaching, sales coaching, etc.

2. Get higher completion rates from your users:

With the chance to require the educational from anywhere and device, learners will access the content with no drawback, that interprets into higher rates of continuity and completion of coaching processes and reduces the dropout.

3. Build a more engaging eLearning process:

People are increasingly using their mobile devices for daily tasks. We use our smartphone to communicate with others, to order food, make reservations, plan our activities and agenda or have fun.
Why not use it to learn?
With Paatham LMS Mobile Learning App your students have the possibility to integrate their educational processes with their smartphone or mobile device, having a better use of technological tools.
This represents an advantage when it comes to getting better engaging users with the platform and activities, and to capture new generations of users who use mobile devices as tools, not only for leisure but for education and work.

LMS reports

4. Deliver a learning management system that attracts new generation of users:

We have already discussed the way we interact with our mobile devices nowadays. In addition to this, studies have proven that we spend on average 30 hours a month in mobile apps. There are almost 6 billion people in the world who own a smartphone. Studies have also concluded that 93% of people between 18 and 29 use their smartphone to escape boredom.
All these trends must be taken in the count when giving education or thinking about the strategies for training programs because users will generate more empathy with an educational program that adapts to their life models.

5. You will be able to provide different ways of approaching the eLearning projects:

The features of Paatham LMS are at your fingertips with our mobile Learning App. With the implementation of our mobile app, you can provide more dynamic courses with the gamification tool.
Increase the impact of your training with the use of tools such as social learning, messaging or access to forums, virtual learning, among others. Paatham Mobile Learning App gives you the possibility of feeding the training processes with constant feedback.

With the implementation of Paatham Mobile Learning App, you can take your training programs to the next level. You will be able to provide a more modern learning service and this will deliver a more attractive platform as well.

Why Should A School Choose A School Management Software : Paatham

School management software

Go back to the school days in our school classes when our teachers would spend their initial five minutes marking the attendance in the registers and students enjoyed this by dragging, but, now this redundant practice has become fully automated thanks to India’s most preferred School Management Software- Paatham.
In the progressively competitive environment , an excellent management of the school would directly lead to student success.

There are certain reason on why should we opt for Paatham software:

Paatham will help you to do partnering with parents in order to get success.

Parents are the one who are often involved in the everyday activities of their child’s schooling. Now, Paatham has given an option to every parents by providing access to the child’s performance & progress, attendance, at any time & moreover make the educational decisions much more effectively.

Paatham helps in Efficient Course Management

Staff, parents & students alike are more adeptly able to track the progress related to the courses and thus, help in effective management by library automation management system with the help of mobile apps. Fuss free management of examination for the schools can now be easily done with the in-built tools provided in school management software & ensures the staff is not overlooking any student progress or development.

Paatham helps in seamless fees management

School online fees management software mainly puts its focus on the student and not the inefficient and time-consuming paper work. Eliminating the excessive time consuming process on fees Payment, it becomes more cost effective. Hence the parents are the ones who benefit the most of this school ERP software sice the fee payment can be done on the go at anytime from anywhere.

Paatham helps in Robust School Administration Management

At a glance, starting from the admission & registration processes that marks the beginning of the new class in the school, having access to all the details of employees, attendance entries of students by the school attendance app, leave status & records, in fact everything for the overall managing of the school can be handled in just one click and that too at your finger tips by the school management mobile application.

Paatham helps in Personalized Performance Of The Students

Staying connected always with the child’s academic & co-curricular development can be little bit hassle task, when the parents are at work. So, this has been made easy by just communicating one on one where the teachers & parents can be connected via SMS in addition to the in-built messaging facility.

Therefore, it helps to share all the relevant information regarding the student academics as well as extra-curricular activities by this school management software which therefore, lead to the key to success.

Mobile Device: Performance Support’s New relief


“My brain is just like the Bermudas Triangle…information goes in and so it’s ne’er found once more.” I don’t bear in mind UN agency same that, however with a bit little bit of performance support, I would.
One of the foremost versatile performance support tools on the market nowadays is that the mobile device. Mobile devices are already getting used by some organizations to produce mobile learning (mlearning). However, not like mlearning that has not set out as quickly as anticipated, performance support via mobile devices – conjointly called mobile performance support – is in style and has evidenced its value.

Here are five reasons we have a tendency to believe that a mobile device is performance support’s new relief.

#1 Nearly everybody owns a mobile device: It’s as easy as that; and what higher thanks to offer support to students, Teachers, Faculty members, employees than on their own personal devices. as a result of all are already at home with the way to access info on their devices, providing performance support on them can abate the time taken to access info – drastically.

#2 Quicker net Speeds: quick net speeds provide workers access to info, faster than ever before. eightieth of adult net users own a smartphone, and forty seven own a tablet; and with high speed net connections on the market on mobile devices, the quantity of mobile net users has nearly reached that of PC/laptop net users.

#3 The proper device to access bite-sized chunks of information: Performance support isn’t concerning conducting a whole educational program. Rather, it’s concerning providing bite-sized bits of relevant info to hold out very important tasks effectively. little chunks of knowledge work simply and succinctly inside the little screen sizes of mobile devices, creating it straightforward to browse. Even an easy text message containing valid info will offer performance support.

#4 It’s straightforward to update content on mobile devices: now not do users must battle through numerous content – nowadays content curation makes it laughably straightforward for users to quickly notice what they’re trying to find. there’s continuously a danger of coaching going out of date, however info on mobile devices are often updated simply, as and once required, making certain users are aware about the most recent and most relevant info in the slightest degree times.

#5 Mobile devices are convenient and user friendly: The success of performance support directly depends on however convenient and the way user friendly the performance support tool is. The tool must be easier to hold around than a dozen files – or books – or perhaps an important bundle of papers. It ought to even be straightforward to use, navigate around, and access. The mobile device fits the bill utterly.

If we have a tendency to all had the flexibility to retain all of the data that we have a tendency to absorbed, we have a tendency to wouldn’t want performance support. in step with an editorial by the University of Waterloo, 70-80% of a one-hour lecture are often lost by day a pair of coaching, exploit solely 2-3% of the first coaching on the market for recall once thirty days! This doesn’t mean that coaching is unimportant; nor will it mean that a company should choose from coaching and performance support. There are many tools out there to urge workers to perform higher – however mobile devices are performance support’s new relief.

Extend Digital Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

extend digital learning

Technology in faculties has the potential to be the best of equalisers. Students at intervals individual faculties and across the country, or maybe world, might be placed on A level taking part in field and given access to the identical learning opportunities. In fact this can be a bit idealistic given this economic climate and also the apparently endless price of keeping the technology in faculties up to this point.

Technology ought to be out there to each student in this country, and by technology I mean additional specifically that they must all have access to a mobile, internet-connected device. Achieving this ideal would successively, result in the fulfilment of another, vital instructional goal, a system during which each student has the chance to access more or less the whole add of human information and also those that are contributory to making this data.

Technology within the hands of our students implies that the schoolroom walls become nearly theoretical; not would every area must contain them and their learning, they’d have access to everything and everybody that might presumably facilitate them on in their learning journey.

The internet will build each student and each college international like ne’er before. however this manifests itself is restricted solely by what students and lecturers are willing to speculate in terms of time; the tools with that we will hook up with the remainder of the globe are there, able to be used.

Never before includes a generation been thus connected and then mobile. I feel that we’ve got a responsibility to teach them in a way to build these connections in a very accountable, thoughtful and productive manner.

Students not must learn things as second user, they will go straight to the skilled, feat schoolroom lecturers longer to arrange follow-up material or embellish this learning in numerous ways. Similarly, the web additionally permits you a full new world of peer-assessment.

Technology used well will be exalting. Technology used well will break down boundaries.

How Paatham Will Help You With Learning & Preparing For Exams

With Paatham we help you to extend your learning beyond classroom walls. Technology is ubiquitous in most people’s lives, which means it can be extremely useful in classrooms, especially when working with diverse populations. Regardless of the grade level or ability level you are teaching, technology can have a significant impact on the efficacy of your students’ learning.

Advantages Of Paatham

Paatham provides you with three major advantages

Learn: Learn allows exhaustive clarification of concepts through various multimedia platforms. The ‘Learn’ segment contains solutions arrangements, which assist students with exploring an idea through engaging and interactive multimedia modules. These modules have been intended to bring out the soul of the request and make ideas remarkably clear!


Practice : Practice prompts idea support through interactive activities and exercises. ‘Practice’ guarantees that the ideas presented in ‘Learn’ are comprehended and solidified in a kids psyche. An assortment of apparatuses is influenced accessible to empower emphasis and thusly to fortify comprehension and maintenance.


Test: Test permits final evaluation of learnt concepts through multiple chapter and subject tests. Paatham solidly trusts in the reasoning of effective learning exchange being substantiated with high evaluations. Persistent, steady and incessant exam practices are subsequently, important to guarantee preparation, certainty and achievement in a learning framework.

online test

Paatham modules utilize diversion based, thematic learning approach for junior students and various leveled, layered and versatile methodology for senior students. The learning arrangements are conveyed through powerful innovation, making learning process simple, viable and engaging.

Best Home Tutors At Your Door Steps

connect learn & grow

Best home tutor to Connect Learn & Grow with our Etutoring app Paatham. E-tutoring refers to online-tutoring. The term online tutor includes any person undertaking a role to support and enable students to learn online effectively. Communication is an important mainstay of e-tutoring: technology enables people to learn new things because it gives a range of different ways of communicating to students.

What makes us good Etutor

E-tutor’s roles and activities are slightly different from those required in a face-to-face class.

• E-tutors teach, motivate and direct students while maintaining high interest and achievement.
• We are able to effectively interact with different populations of students at a variety of academic levels.
• We guide students to improve their knowledge through media such as email, asynchronous discussion forums or chat rooms.
• We coach, assess and provide subject-matter expertise: they’re experts but also motivators and even technical support people.
• We bring the subject up to date with online digital resources and make it much more accessible.

Role of Elearner has four main aspects

technical – that involves the technological support; e-tutors must be able to resolve technical queries quickly and effectively.
managerial – e-tutors must arouse e-learners’ participation and autonomy providing clearly tasks and deadlines of the e-tivities; they don’t must rewrite e-learners’ papers however they need to correct them up their work and their writing skills; they guide students to stipulate and structure their writing assignments.
pedagogical – it aims at the tutorial expertise involving students in a lively collaboration and it goads them into a deep reflection; e-tutors shoot for to determine wonderful relationships with e-learners.
social – it’s linked to an community of learning: e-tutors provide adequate means for social interaction between e-learners, all members are encouraged in contributing to the discussion. A community of learning shares common interests.

Tips to Help Your Kids Prepare for School Exams

The thought of getting ready for necessary college exams can seemingly fill student hearts with dread. Passing these exams is very important, since state tests and alternative sorts of high-stakes testing govern whether or not a student moves on to the subsequent grade, graduates from highschool, or maybe gets into school. whereas these exams aren’t sometimes fun to require, folks will build check school assignment bearable—and even fun.

prepare your kids for an exam

1. Encourage many ZZZs
Sleep deprivation is important since well-rested students tend to be healthier and additional alert. whereas youngsters ought to, naturally, get many sleep throughout the year, folks ought to pay further attention to sleep patterns once its time for college exams. in step with the National Sleep Foundation, youngsters 6–13 years recent need nine to eleven hours of sleep, and teenagers want eight to ten hours.

2. Tie Study Techniques to the Child’s Learning designs and Interests
Make take a look at preparation as fun as possible! youngsters could have other ways that they like to be told, as well as visual, verbal, social, and solitary, and fogeys usually have a decent plan of that learning vogue most closely fits their youngsters. It is effective to match take a look at preparation activities to your child’s learning preference. as an example, a social learner would possibly profit additional from finding out with a sib and parent instead of the parent alone. Such a baby may also profit greatly from cluster tutoring sessions. A solitary learner would possibly get pleasure from reviewing study guides and taking many observe tests at his or her own pace.

Tying take a look at preparation to interests may also give an additional boost of motivation. as an example, folks will incorporate common state take a look at skills like reading, math, science, and even history into preparation lessons for a baby World Health Organization enjoys preparation.

3. search out further facilitate
Young learners usually gain a plus once folks search out further facilitate for state tests. Such facilitate comes during a broad vary of possibilities: study teams, tutoring, learning programs, and pc programs, to call simply some. LearnBop could be a nice on-line maths program to contemplate. It’s a extremely accommodative program for grades 4–12 that simulates matched learning by providing immediate personalised instruction to the child’s desires. With assessments and period reportage, folks will determine areas of strength and weakness in their youngsters. read the web site for additional details.
Avenues like tutoring additionally facilitate folks assess however ready their youngsters are, and that they are ideal for providing students with the tools and ideas they have to arrange for exams.

4. stay Calm
Parents will convey their anxiety to their youngsters simply, which regularly tends to extend the pressure that students feel. Naturally, folks don’t wish their youngsters grappling with problems like wakefulness, diminished appetence, and panic as a very important communication looms; instead, folks must project a tone of quality and encouragement.

5. Inform the kid with the communication and surroundings
When one thing becomes acquainted, it always loses its atmosphere and hold over a student. Students additionally tend to feel additional up to speed and additional sceptered once they recognize specifically what to expect. In several cases, folks will notice previous or apply tests on-line, and academics also can direct folks to extra resources (as well as serving as valuable check school assignment resources themselves). Not solely ought to folks encourage their kids to require apply exams, whether or not in one sitting or in chunks, however they additionally must discuss the testing environment—for example, if the communication is on paper or on a pc, wherever the check are going to be, on what day, and if opportunities for breaks exist.

Learning made easy & engaging by eLearning app Paatham

Paatham follows a comprehensive method of learn, practice and test for deep immersive learning. You can choose what you want to learn and the chapters will come straight from the text book. You can also get a visual learning experience. Dedicated question sets to practice.

With Paatham you can get following things and they are:-
1. Challenges learners to higher-level learning.
2. Uses active forms of learning.
3. Gives frequent and immediate feedback to students on the quality of their learning.
4. Uses a structured sequence of different learning activities.
5. Has a fair system for assessing learning.