An e-test is any test that replicates or replaces paper based tests with a computer screen, also referred to an on-screen tests. On-screen tests are the transfer of paper tests to computer with little or no change to their appearance on paper. Other on-screen tests incorporate variations that could not be easily replicated on paper, such as video or audio clips, and animated quizzes.
Benefits Of E-Testing
Learners can also benefit from the flexibility offered by e-testing.
  • Times and locations of tests can be aligned with work and study patterns.
  • Immediacy of results and feedback allows instant progress reports.
  • Re-sits of exams can be taken straight away, if necessary.
  • Increased opportunity to develop IT skills.
After an E-Test
  • Transmitting student details and responses.
  • Storing response files at centres.
  • Feedback to students.