Hostel Management System

Paatham provides Hostel Management System which helps administrator/warden to manage records perfectly. Schools need to manage and records variety of information covering hostel attendance, disciplinary Logs, as well as room charge status and many features like Fee Collection, room allotment, room management as categorization of rooms, Daily Attendance register of hostel and hostel reports like room left report, charge due reports and receipts, room transfer and status report.

Hostel Management System – Paatham

Features of Hostel Management Software -

  • Mess stock/bill management.
  • Dues and returns.
  • Room status.
  • Hostel id-card.
  • Reports/certificates.
  • Check room availability in a single click.
  • Set fare/rent of room and other facilities.
  • Keep a documentation of hostel ins and outs and hostel consumables and durables efficiently.
  • Manage and analyze reports of hostel such as number of rooms, type of rooms, room allocation and number of students in each room .

The school or the administrative staff can keep their hostel information organized by computing through this Hostel Management Software. The School Hostel Management System has SMS and E-mail facilities. It is well integrated with the fee collection software.