Why Online Attendance Management Software Is Beneficial For Schools – Paatham

There are schools where all attendance related work is done on paper i.e. the entire session attending is hold on in register and at the tip of the session, the reports are generated. It makes the daily attendance a very weary task for the faculties. To overcome with such old-fashioned processes, Paatham came up with Attendance Management Software to speed up and make attendance process easy. Online attendance management system or e-attendance is one among them.
Online Attendance Management System is an application developed for student’s daily attendance at school. It helps to take care of the correct record and generate summarized student attendance report for the students by applying varied criteria.

Best attendance management system
Attendance Management Software

What is Attendance Management Software and why is important for schools?

Student Attendance Management Software is one of the applications of school management software that is designed to maintain the accurate status of student daily attendance. It helps to keep up records regarding student attendance, absent or leave records and many more.
With the thought to get rid of old fashioned manual technique of maintaining attendance, Paatham introduced online attendance management software. It contains a variety of features and advantages that are explained below.
Why Online Attendance Management System?
The objective of Online Attendance Management System is to go with computerized system, instead of old-fashioned manual process. As compared to manual process, online system easily helps management to analyze student’s attendance details as per requirement. Along with this, it provides summarized attendance report very quickly at any point of time.


Easy to access and user-friendly: User interface is very easy. Data storing and recovery is fast and secured. Additionally, application is given with graphical representation for easier interpretation and analysis.

Reports are simply generated: Various reports such as Student wise attendance, Day wise attendance, Class wise attendance, Month Wise Class Attendance etc can be easily generated. Current and back-dated reports can be available instantly.

Error-free: No paperwork and no risk of errors which can be occurred while marking the attendance manually.

SMS Integration: SMS Integration is one of the important features of attendance management software. By Paatham software, schools can easily send a report of a student to their parents like its absent report, monthly attendance report, leave and applications reports etc. It would be beneficial for both parents and teachers for better communication.


• A simple online application designed for all attendance requirements
• Capable to store up maximum records
• Fully compatible – needs only internet connection compatible

The online attendance management system has been engineered to eliminate the time and energy wasted in taking attendances. It’s software package that fulfills the need of the system that it’s been developed. The system has reached at such a level where all bugs are eliminated and operated efficiency.

So, at last, we will say that Student attendance software saves time and effort in maintaining attendance and being a Combination of all these features, Paatham provides of its best student attendance management software.

Importance and Benefits of Educational Mobile App – Paatham

In this technically knowledgeable era, the fashionable and cool apps rule over the boring study and exams, and students with none doubt, love the ruling app. However, when we combine the two, the result is fashionable as well as a powerful source of effective learning. When we think about combining fashionable technology with boring studies, what we actually mean is the educational mobile app. Undoubtedly, students are more driven towards using a mobile phone for every purpose, and in this situation, the educational app can be the perfect way to attract the students and convince them to study.
With the educational app, the students can get access to any information from anywhere. Therefore, the mobile app Paatham was made with the most interactive and constructive way to attract the students towards studies and enhance their productivity. Let us discuss few benefits of the educational app Paatham.

Mobile app
Mobile app in education

1. Interactive Learning:

Gone are the days, when the sole possibility for the students to read books, was by visiting the library. The innovative gadgets of these days make it simple for the students to practice their lessons in a good and interactive approach. Paatham app is available for all types of students. These apps ensure interactive and effective learning, by changing the boring lessons and helping the students to visualize each and everything.

2. 24/7 availability:

Unlike schools, the mobile app Paatham is accessible round the clock. Therefore, app learning isn’t time-bound learning, rather it’s relaxed learning. We tend to all understand that time-bound learning is not much effective, as children get distracted very easily and don’t seem to concentrate continuously for a long time. Thus, educational apps work the best regarding this issue, as they are available 24/7, and also the students will study as per their convenience.

3. eBooks and on-line study material:

With the advancement of technology and introduction of educational app Paatham students don’t seem to invest their time and money to buy the desired study material from the outlets and libraries. Paatham can facilitate the students who are unable to go to the library on a daily basis, by providing needed study material in precisely some clicks. Paatham also facilitate the readers to discover a range of eBooks with a mere click.

4. Movability

Clearly none of us leave our cell phones at home while going some place. Using app have become a part of the day by day schedule, whether you watch a video on the way to work or play games at lunch, your cell phone is dependably with you. In this way, the app can be the consistent companions for the students, as they obtainable to youngsters anyplace, anytime. With the help of educational app, Paatham learning won’t be confined to the schoolroom alone, because the apps permit pupils to require their learning into their own hands and and that they will study and check themselves at any purpose within the day.

5. Leisure hours usage:

The mobile app learning is one amongst the wisest decisions of utilizing your free time actively. The child’s leisure is utilised to be told one thing new with the help of mobile app, and also the entertainment is warranted, without wasting time by watching the idiot box. The mobile apps prove their value, by utilizing the free time in an viable and helpful way.

6. Individually-focused learning:

A teacher’s role within the student’s life isn’t the least bit questionable, however a teacher cannot focus towards one student solely. He/she sometimes has got to interact with 20-30 pupils throughout every session, and it’s tough to make sure all is engaged and following what’s being tutored. However, once a student utilizes an app, the time they interact with the app is all their own.

7. Track your children’s progress:

With Paatham educational app, you can track your children’s progress, that is one in all the foremost necessary things that each parent needs to explore. It is easy for the parents to track their child’s overall or individual subject progress and guide them accordingly, with the help of the mobile app Paatham.

The above-mentioned benefits are enough to prove the value of the educational app, Paatham but the app have a lot more to offer. Without any doubt, technology has helped a lot to create a worldwide platform for education furthermore as helped to spot the hidden skills and abilities of the students. Thus, educational app Paatham, contribute within the learning process and can reshape the long run of education.