Learning made easy & engaging by eLearning app Paatham

Paatham follows a comprehensive method of learn, practice and test for deep immersive learning. You can choose what you want to learn and the chapters will come straight from the text book. You can also get a visual learning experience. Dedicated question sets to practice.

With Paatham you can get following things and they are:-
1. Challenges learners to higher-level learning.
2. Uses active forms of learning.
3. Gives frequent and immediate feedback to students on the quality of their learning.
4. Uses a structured sequence of different learning activities.
5. Has a fair system for assessing learning.

E-Learning That Wins You Over: Enhance The Learning Experience By Paatham

Collective Success

Over the course of the last decade, eLearning has evolved a lot with different requirements emerging out of diversified domains. This has led Paatham to provide you fully customised eLearning solutions.
Also, a lot of our efforts are put forth, focusing on the instructional designing aspect of learning and training. The content driving all these courses is built with the perfect balance between creativity and simplicity, surpassing any barriers in terms of language and user understanding

The highly interactive layouts and rich graphics ensure learner engagement throughout the run-time and also strengthens your learning.
It is absolutely fair to say that you get more than what you ask for at Paatham, that too with everything fitting your budgets just right!
We believe coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Building a culture of continuous improvement, learning and development of knowledge.


Countless articles and posts have been written about how in this fast changing world, Student and Teachers need to be constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills for individuals to remain presentable and to remain competitive.

With millions of students across India, we are India’s largest online learning portal for school children. We cater to the learning needs of school students of classes 6 to 12 across leading educational boards. We realize that the learning needs of every student are unique based on her learning style, interest and past academic history, and understanding this is the key to making every student successful.

At Paatham, we understand the needs of professionals. Our experienced team of educationalist and technologist is passionate about changing the status quo and challenging one another continues to provide a seamless product that empowers tomorrow’s leaders. Once you are on Paatham, you search for online education ends. Paatham, one site has it all.

E-Learning That Wins You Over

E-Learning That Wins You Over

Paatham online educational portal has been designed with an aim to explore the future of education. We bring Learning to people instead of people to learn. We also provide a roadmap that navigates solution to your problems in the most effective way. Our motive is to promote learning and maximize its reach.

Paatham is Developed once, Deployed across, with emerging technologies; we cross the barriers across various platforms and beat the challenges of providing integrated learning to various accessible devices in use, even mobile and tablets.

Paatham is an eLearning solution provider that works towards empowering the global learning community through the use of a fine blend of its outcome-driven learning strategies and technology innovation.

Paatham extensive suite of off-the-shelf eLearning courses has been designed with the help of subject matter experts from the industry. We have not only ensured that the learning will yield effective and measurable results, but have made learning fun and interesting as well.

E-Learning Helps us to reach anyone anywhere at any time.


Paatham is a cloud based eLearning development platform that benefit educational entities like students, faculty, schools and other educational institutes. Our mission is to provide a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. We provide a personalized learning resource for all ages.
This is done through an indigenous developed IT platform that facilitates hosting of all the courses, taught in classrooms to be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time. All the courses are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country and are available, free of cost to the residents in India. Specially chosen faculty and teachers from across the Country have participated in preparing these courses.
As Sundar Pichai, The CEO of Google, has once said that “Technology alone will not improve education, but it can be a powerful part of the solution.”

E-Learning Trends That Will Help You Stay Ahead

E-learning is here to stay – that much we are all pretty much agreed on. We also have a fair idea of the benefits it offers and the desirable features of an efficient learning management system. But this website like any other, is constantly being reviewed and modified to suit the changing needs of both organizations and learners. So let’s see what is being incorporated and what’s in demand in e-learning designs this year. Read More