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Payroll Management System

Paatham School Payroll Software provides a powerful functionality to manage teachers and other faculty staff’s payment, TDS calculations and all deduction calculations. Getting it right keeps your staff happy, running manual Payroll Systems is time-consuming, and it's easy to make a mistake. Choosing the latest wage administration packages reduces errors and automates your payment procedures. Whether you’re a Small School, Educational Institute, Paatham Payroll software can help. Our solutions streamline and automate processes like payslips and tax calculations. Get complete control and visibility of your pay with Paatham School Payroll System.

Salient Features of Paatham Payroll Management Software

  • Automated year-end reporting
  • Setting leave types and HRA, allowances
  • Allocate holidays and work shifts
  • Enter bank details for salary remittance
  • Retrieve attendance details of employees
  • Leave management– Application, Approval and Reapplication
  • Over-Time management– Application, Approval and Management
  • Assigning salary structure and pay grade
  • Monthly Heads Entry for Variable Earnings and Deductions
  • Generate accurate, updated Individual Pay slips
  • Generate accurate, updated Individual Pay slips
  • Salary Earnings and Deductions can be set for structures
  • Variable pay entry for individual staff
  • Pay slips and annual reports for future reference
  • Automated salary calculation with zero error
  • Reduces Time & cost for the Payroll process
  • Compatibility with Biometric attendance devices, Self-check-in/check-out and RFID devices
  • View Comprehensive reports in summary/detailed-individual wise, department wise or as a whole organization

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