Return / Refund Policy

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1.All fees and payments, except the non-refundable application fee, remitted to the Paatham by a prospective student shall be refunded if the student does not enroll in the program, does not begin the program or course, with-draws prior to the start of the program, or is dismissed prior to the start of the program. Applicants who have not been accepted for enrollment will be notified via a denial letter and refunded the application fee within 60 days from the date of application submission.

2. Paatham shall provide a period of at least three business days, excluding weekends and holidays, during which a student applicant may cancel his enrollment without financial obligation other than the nonrefundable application fee.

3. Following the period described in section 2 above, a student applicant (who has applied for admission) may cancel, by written notice, his enrollment at any time prior to the first class day of the session for which application was made. When cancellation is requested under these circumstances, Paatham is required to refund all tuition paid by the student less the nonrefundable application fee.

4. The date of the institution's determination that the student withdrew should be no later than 14 calendar days after the student's last date of attendance as determined by the institution from its attendance records. After 14 calendar days, the institution is expected to have determined whether the student intends to return to classes or to withdraw. In addition, if the student is eventually determined to have withdrawn, the end of the 14-day period begins the time frame for calculating the refunds. In the event that a written notice is submitted, the effective date of termination shall be the date of the written notice. Written notice should be transmitted via registered or certified mail, or by electronic transmission, or in writing per the Refund Policy in the enrollment contract. The school is required to submit refunds to individuals who have terminated their status as students within 40 days after receipt of a written request or the date the student last attended classes whichever is sooner.

5. In the case of a prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other special circumstances that make attendance impossible or impractical, a leave of absence may be granted to the student if requested in writing by the student or designee. No monetary charges or accumulated absences may be assessed to the student during a leave of absence. Paatham need not treat a leave of absence as a withdrawal if it is an approved leave of absence.

6. If a student does not resume attendance in an enrolled program on or before the end of an approved leave of absence, the institution must treat the student as a withdrawal and the date that the leave of absence was approved should be considered the last date of attendance for refund purposes.


Students who withdraw from enrollment will receive a fair and equitable assessment of fees according to the Refund Policy dictated in the Enrollment Contract.

Official Withdrawal Procedure:

If a student wishes to request withdrawal from the program, the student must:

1. Provide notification to the school via email to .

2. Schedule an appointment with Financial Department Officer for completion of withdrawal paperwork. You may be requested to:

        a. Submit practical sheets.

        b. Sign off on actual hours completed.

      c. Review and sign withdrawal balance/refund calculation (for calculation purposes: the date of withdrawal is the last date of attendance; the date of determination of withdrawal is the date the student notified the school of withdrawal)

3. If student is owed a refund, the refund will be issued within 60 days from the date of determination of withdrawal. Student/Parents may contact at for status update on refund check. If refund check is issued, student must sign acknowledgement of Refund Receipt.

4. Students who withdraw prior to completion of the course, and wish to re-enroll will return in the same satisfactory academic progress status as of the time of withdrawal. See the Admissions Policy for more information on returning after withdrawal. See Refund Policy for further details about withdrawal and withdrawal settlements.