Multi Language Support

Paatham provides universal access to the India's best education, partnering with top schools to offer courses online.

To make the study easy and comfortable for all the childrens living in different regions; Paatham elearning and school management system came up with multilingual eLearning Platform with localization offers the perfect education in multi-languages depending on the user preferences or location.

Learning Management Systems with Multilanguage Support

Find, choose and compare Learning Management Systems with Multilanguage support functionality in the Top LMS Software Paatham. LMS that support multiple languages for their users, becoming highly engaging as they help optimize user experience by localizing the process and putting an end to geographical boundaries.

We Deliver Global Learning Experiences

The Paatham platform is intensely multilingual. You can choose from one of our pre-defined language sets or define your own for ultimate customization.

You can see the Paatham screen in different languages

    Go to the login page,
    Give your UserId and Password to login into the page
    Than, you will be in the Dashboard of Paatham
    On the upper right of the dashboard there is a translator menu, Which shows "hi" for Hindi & "en" for English and so on for different languages.
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