Paatham - The Learning App and School Management System

Library Management system

Paatham offers simple yet powerful solution to automate School Libraries and manages efficiently all the in-house operations of schools of any type and size. From acquisition of materials, books and periodicals in the library to its cataloging and maintenance, schools can manage these tasks effectively and maximizes the usability of resources and services. School Library Management Software is highly customizable, scalable, multilingual and mobile-friendly that can be implemented in schools across multiple locations.


There are many features which helps librarian to keep records of available books as well as issued books-

  • Search, add, update, and view library materials online anywhere, anytime
  • Manage Library Inventory provide a user-friendly environment for students to identify the book’s location easily.
  • Speedy and multiple issue-return mechanism (class wise, student wise etc.) with online circulation and membership card.
  • Schools can create customized reports on borrowing and lending of books, in a variety of formats.
  • Students can view the books borrowed and returns, place the books on hold, request or renew books, and renew membership.
  • Cloud-based library platform delivers digital content to schools at low cost and enhances the effectiveness of School Libraries to improve the learning skills of students and enable teachers to easily access information on multiple devices from anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy ways to make check-in and check-out.
  • Automatic fine calculation for late returns.
  • Different criteria for searching a book.
  • Different kind of reports likes total number of books, number of issued books, number of journals, etc.
  • Easy ways to know how many books are issued to a particular student.
  • Easy ways to know the status of a book.
  • Event calendar for librarians to remember their dates.
  • Online access for registered users to see the status of their books.

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