Facial Recognition

In present academic system, regular class attendance of students; plays a significant role in performance assessment and quality monitoring. The conventional methods practised in most of the schools are by calling names or signing on papers, which is highly time-consuming and insecure.

Paatham presents the automatic attendance management system for convenience or data reliability. The system is developed by the integration of ubiquitous components to make a portable device for managing the students; attendance using Face Recognition technology.

The various techniques for marking attendance :
  • Finger-scan based bio-metric systems
  • RFID based System
  • Face Recognition
Finger-scan based bio-metric systems: Biometric time attendance system used to track each and every person coming to your place is actually who he claims to be or not with its time and other details. It uses finger and face recognition system to verify persons identity and record its time-in and time-out with all required details.
Here are some key points to consider regarding the disadvantages of biometrics:

Physical Traits Are Not Changeable:

Most of the biometric modalities work with physical traits such as fingerprint, iris, palm vein, etc. We all have only a pair of eyes; a certain number of fingerprints, and other body parts that are unchangeable. We can reset a password, but we never can change our fingerprints or retina, these are fixed. Our biometric data is stored in respective government databases or companies who enable such services.
Can they guarantee that these data will never be hacked or stolen from the server? Unfortunately, it is already happening around us. There are news about data breach of billions of Indians’ private data from the Aadhaar database. A large-scale breach took place at the Federal Government Office of Personal Management in US where 5.6 million workers&; fingerprints were stolen in 2015. You can change your password if it is stolen, but you have no option to change your fingerprint in anyway.

Error Rate

Biometric machines are less than perfect and mistakes can happen. Usually, biometric devices make two types of errors, False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR). When the device accepts an unauthorized child, it is known as FAR and when it rejects an authorized child, it is known as FRR.
The error rate in some cases are so high that it creates great chaos for the entire security system. It could happen due to weather, physical condition, age and other issues. A turmoil could happen with an error rate of as low as 1% in a large-scale authentication process.


There are various types of biometric modalities. Some of them are contact based like fingerprint and palm vein scanner; some are contactless like iris and face recognition, etc. In contact-based modalities, a biometric device is used a hundred times by enormous amount of students, school staff & teachers.
Everyone is actually sharing their germs with each other via the device. You never know what you are taking with you after placing your finger on the device. You wouldn’t have any option to change the system.


Some biometric devices take more than the accepted time and a long queue of students waiting to be enrolled in big schools. In these cases, students get hard time while scanning the biometric device every day. It is hard for a child when he/she has to go through a biometric verification system before entering into school every day.


One of the biggest disadvantages of biometrics is the highly technical and complex system that makes up the whole process. A non-techy person will be flopping like fish out of water when trying to understand the system.


The cost of biometric devices are comparatively higher than other traditional security devices. The costs of biometric software, devices, programmers, server and other relative equipment combined is a large amount of money.

Scanning Difficulty

Some biometric modalities like iris scan can go through scanning difficulties. It happens due to several reasons including eyelashes, eyelids, lens and reflections from the cornea. For these reasons, iris scanning may not be as reliable for use.

Physical Disability

Some child aren't fortunate enough to be able to participate in the enrollment process. They might have lost or damaged body parts such as fingers or eyes. In this type of case, a fingerprint/ Iris recognition device to recognize would be embarrassing and simply offensive. These types of child will surely pass a hard time to cope up with others in the system.

Environment And Usage Matters

Environment and usage can affect the overall measurements taken. Especially in highly cold areas, the error rate is higher which creates unnecessary chaos and disappointments over the whole system.
  • RFID based System:
    RFID attendance system came, individuals were pondering about its proficiency, effectiveness and usefulness. RFID is known for its Automation, Convenience, Security, Real Tme Access and Accuracy. But very soon, registers were replaced by RFID attendance systems for students. Apart from this RFID has several disadvantages, few of them are mentioned below.
  • Expansive:
    School education is already getting expansive day by day and such technologies passing more pressure to parents. Many of them may not be willing to pay this and sounds luxury for them.
    Too Much Tracking : We as humans are already surrounded with technology and radio waves varying from laptops, mobiles, microwaves etc. Inclusions of RFID based student attendance system specially for students increase mental pressure and fear. They might not feel free.
  • Health Issues:
    Though its not confirmed but few technologies on RFID attendance system for schools are debatable. Some research scholars claim health issues associated with RFID based student attendance tracking for school. A Computer Glitch Could Have Serious Consequences : If your child’s data is in anyway confused with someone else’s, they could end up on no fly lists or even wanted lists. Unable To Escape Childish Mistakes : If a school uses biometric data, then they may record every indiscretion, and your child may be haunted by their childish mistakes.
  • Face Recognition:
    It's the fastest biometric technology that has one and only purpose – to identify human faces. Forget about fingerprints readers and eye scanners, current face recognition systems analyze the characteristics of a person's face images that were taken with a digital video camera. It’s the least intrusive method that provides no delays and leaves the Child entirely unaware of the process.
How Does Facial Recognition Technology Actually Work?
Key benefits you may expect after installing a facial tracking system are as follows:
  • The Improvement of Security Level:
    a face biometric system greatly improves your security measures. school premises would be protected since you'll be able to track both the students, teachers or school staff and any parents that come into the area. Anyone who doesn't have access or permission to be there will be captured by the recognition system that alerts you instantly about the trespassing.
    Easy Integration Process : Most of the time, integratable facial recognition tools work pretty flawlessly with the existing security software that schools have installed. Why is it great for schools? Well, you won't need to spend additional money and time on redeveloping your own software to make it suitable for FRT integration. Paatham provide you this FRT software where everything will be already adaptable.
  • High Accuracy Rates:
    Accuracy ensures that there won’t be any misunderstandings and uncool awkwardness that comes from bad face recognition software. With high levels of accuracy you’d sure that the right person will be recognized at the right time.
  • Full Automation:
    Instead of manual recognition, which is done by security guards or the official representatives outside of school premises, the facial recognition tech automates the identification process and ensures its flawlessness every time without any haltings. You won't even need an staff to monitor the cameras 24/7. Automation means convenience and reduces the expenses too.
  • Forget the Time Fraud:
    One of the big benefits that facial recognition technology school offer is the time attendance tracking that allows excluding the time lapses a.mong the students. No more late coming, since everyone now has to pass a face scanning devices to check-in for school.
Amongst the above different biometric techniques, Face Recognition is natural, easy to use and does not require aid from the test subject. Facial recognition is the most reliable and has several advantages over the others.